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Direct Response

In Mind

As the videography market changes and high quality cameras become easily accessible, we're giving you a leg-up by offering direct response videos.

Our videos are designed with the end goal in mind. It's one thing to create a great video, but to create a great video that elicits a response is what we do best (whether that be to buy a product/service, pick up the phone and call or simply donate to your organization).

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Zephan Moses Blaxberg

Hi! I'm Zephan and I'd love to tell your story with video. I created ZMBmedia in 2010 to fill a void in the videography market. At the time, I was brought on as the videographer and YouTube WebTV show producer for Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle. GKIC is the largest information marketing business in the world working with over 400,000 business owners. Together we designed a YouTube channel that grossed $1 Million in sales and 100K views on our weekly show.

I Share Stories

To Inspire & Motivate Your Clients Into Action

I'm very fortunate that my clients fly me all over the world. At one point I was visiting a bourbon distillery and I learned this fun fact: not all whiskeys are bourbons but all bourbons are whiskey. I look at videographers in the same light. Not all videographers know how to create a sale, but all sales can be increased by videographers. Take for example my client, Primal Health LP who increased their sales (which already were in the millions) by 15% after having me re-design and re-think their sales video.

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TEDx Speaker, #1 Bestselling Author and Top Podcaster

Zephan has worked with top small business coaches including Re Perez, David Neagle, Mara Glazer, Shanda Sumpter, Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer. His work has displayed in NFL, NHL & NBA arenas nationwide.


Focus on what's important. Our videos start by setting clear goals, expectations and outcomes.


Capture the good times. We find the feel-good moments and hidden gems in your story that you may not know up front.


Develop trust with your clients by leveraging powerful stories and video editing magic to generate sales.


From working at the Apple Store Genius Bar to self-publishing 4 books and traveling the world…

In 2010 I graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelors in Digital Video & Cinema Studies. At JMU, I produced my very first feature-length film which went on to the¬†Broadcast Education Association Film Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Immediately following graduation I was hired as a videographer, producer and editor for GKIC (Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle), the largest information marketing company in the world. In 2012, I began my freelance journey while concurrently working at the Apple Store teaching customers how to edit video and repairing iPhones.

I quickly discovered that my passion was in filmmaking and working with businesses on sharing their story. In May of 2013, I left my full-time job and ZMBmedia was born. Within the first year of business, I received an invite to film at the White House and was fortunate enough to produce animations for the Philadelphia Eagles & Flyers. This later lead to working on set for the Netflix Original Series, House of Cards (Season 2), as a production assistant. I’ve worked with Uber in filming their Uber Mentor program, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business editing their promotional video and small businesses from Maryland to Montreal.



Our happy customers are located all over the world!

Life Through Your Own Lens

In April 2017 I was invited to give a TEDx talk at my alma mater James Madison University. I hope this provides you some insight into my storytelling style.

Now It's Your Turn

You've heard my story, I'd love to help you share yours.

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