Videographer’s Fix – Why Do I Hate The Sound Of My Voice?

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A videographer receives many questions and when it comes to your voice, we know you hate it.


If you’re a small business owner or service provider, chances are you know you need a videographer. Hiring a someone to create videos & grow your business is one of the best choices anyone can make. But one question that always comes up for me is, “why do I hate the sound of my own voice?”

The answer is quite simple, it’s your fault.
No it is! But we can fix that.
As we all know sound comes from your vocal cords. But it doesn’t stop there, it travels through your body! This causes you to hear your voice in a completely different manner than everyone else.
When we’re filming with a new client, they’re usually in for a surprise when they first review their video. If they’ve never been on camera before it can be shocking. You can see it written all over their face as they listen to their recorded voice.
At the time of filming, the videographer only hears your voice in the same way that anyone else will. The microphone picks it up the same as well. It sounds completely normal to you at the time of recording so it’s rare you’ll notice.
It isn’t until the video editor edits and delivers a video that you discover how you actually sound. This is in part because it’s the first time you are hearing your voice played back to you on a recording.
I read an article the other day quoting an expert in Laryngology (study of the larynx). In it they said, we become accustomed to the sound of our voice inside our heads. Despite the fact that it’s distorted – which we don’t realize at the time.
We then build a self image out of this sound and identify with it for our entire lives.
But when we hear anything else, it sounds completely foreign!
So how do we “fix” this issue of hating the sound of our own voice?
What can a videographer do to help you with your fear sounding strange on camera?
First, it’s important to talk about this and take a moment to discuss with your videographer.
There are many audio aspects of a video to consider and your voice is only one of them.
For starters, if it bothers you that much, you may want to consider hiring a voiceover artist. This can also save you the anxiety of having to appear on screen, get in front of a camera and state your lines.
Another thing to do is to stop and think about how your voice works for a moment. I know it sounds crazy (no pun intended) but think about this for a moment. This sound is how your friends and family members have always heard you.
Remind yourself that everyone who loves and accepts you has always heard you this way. They have also never heard your voice the way you do in your head.
If the videographer is doing their job, they’ll discuss the sound and nature of the video ahead of time. They might have you sample some soundtrack music or royalty free stock audio to add to your video. They’ll also be discussing how the visuals align with spoken word. They can also leverage text on screen or different clips so that you aren’t always on camera.
Finally, it’s important to note that it’s rare people are comfortable on camera right away. It can take time and practice before you adjust to doing it. But like my mother always said, practice makes perfect!
Next time you are discussing a project with a videographer, be open and honest about your fear. When planning a video in advance it can adjusted around you and your needs as well as your business.


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