Three Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Videographer

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How to hire the best video creator.

I have many friends, family and colleagues who are looking to film a video out of state. They approach me when they can’t hire me but want to find the right person for the job.
ZMBmedia travels all over the United States to film events. For the sake of time and budget, sometimes it makes more sense to find someone local.
If you’re seeking a trusted videographer from our network feel free to use our directory. In this directory you’ll discover videographers from all over the world. If you are a videographer, you can also get listed in this directory by signing up here.


So let’s dive into the top three questions you should ask before hiring a videographer.

It’s important to see samples of the videographer’s work. You’ll want to see their style and appearance. It’s important to understand how a final project could look. This will also get the wheels turning and give you a creative boost.
The first question I would ask is…
Can you share with me three samples of your work on a similar project?
A followup question to this would be, “What challenges came up for you during this project?” This will help you understand what obstacles may lie ahead.
The second question you should ask a video production company is, “Do you have any employees?” This will help you determine who you are working with. You can follow up by asking if they are a one man band or if they have partners.

Although rare, you may hire a company and work with a different videographer. It will be crucial to know who your point of contact is when it comes time to revise.

A videographer might also outsource some parts of his or her process. In my own projects, I send animation to outside contractors who specialize in only that. In many instances I bring other videographers along with me for the filming process as well.
We do this because having a second set of eyes and hands on a video shoot can help things flow a lot smoother. I choose to send animation out to a third-party because I’d like to play to my strengths.
I still remain the point of contact for revisions on all projects I take on. But by removing the animation time from my plate, I can continue to focus on the project at hand. This also allows me to make sure I can hit tighter deadlines.
The third and final question you should ask a videographer before you hire them is, “what am I missing?
I’ve worked with clients who made it obvious they were going to speak off the cuff and didn’t need a teleprompter.
But I’ve also been surprised when two days before the video shoot I’m asked about using a teleprompter. It’s important to give your videographer as much information as you can. This will allow them to make the best decisions for your project.

Be prepared for your videographer to have a different process than others.

One way to prepare yourself is to set expectations up front. This will assist in avoiding surprises along the way.

Some videos may need to record in studio while others may happen on site. It’s important to cover all details during the planning process.
You should receive a project summary or “scope of work” when you sign off on a proposal or contract. This scope of work will provide you with exactly what the company will do for you. You’ll also know exactly when they will do it and how the final files will be delivered.
There are many other questions that might come up during the pre-production process.

Each project is unique in its own way so be sure to ask any and all questions.

It’s important to ask these questions when choosing a videographer for your business. If you’re hiring a team to capture your special day, these questions can be helpful too. For specific questions to ask on your wedding day, see this article on The Knot.
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