Importance of Online Videos for Non-Profits

By August 5, 2019 No Comments

Professional online videos and livestreams for Non-Profits in the Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas

As a non-profit, you understand how crucial it is to raise money, awareness and donations throughout the year. Leveraging online videos should be a large portion of your marketing budget if your goal is to boost your “like, know and trust factor.” In addition, we’ve seen proven statistics that show the more content you create, the larger your audience will become. Here are just a few important stats about online videos that matter to non-profits:

  • Millennials are most likely to contribute to work sponsored initiatives, donate via mobile and watch online videos before making a gift. (For reference, 47% of Millennials gave through an organization’s website in 2016.)
  • Crowdfunding campaigns with personal videos raise 150% more than those that don’t have videos.
  • 6 billion nonprofit videos were viewed in 2016 (Imagine how much more that is three years later!)
  • 57% of people who watch nonprofit videos go on to make a donation.

Traditional methods of advertising such as direct mail marketing are limited in cost based on how many potential donors you are trying to reach. The more advertisements you send out, the higher the budget will increase. With online videos, there is unlimited potential because your video is created once and then spread across multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, your website and email newsletter.

The beauty of making a video for your non-profit is that it can be made one time but reused in multiple locations. You can also make shorter or longer versions based on your target audience and the platform where it is being released.

Creating a video presence allows donors and funders to easily find you. Besides having a video, you can also reuse the audio from your content as a podcast and submit it to the iTunes podcast store to reach a bigger audience. This allows people to learn about your mission while traveling in the car, on a train or a plane.

Last, producing online videos as a non-profit allows you to keep your audience in the loop with the latest events, conferences, fundraising milestones and more. Many successful non-profits use video multiple times per year which often results in a boost in donations.


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