Promotional Videos

A promotional or “promo” video is one of the most common marketing pieces for any company or organization. The promo piece does exactly that – it promotes! This is a great video that can be used to share your product, service or conference with others.

BBYO – Leadership Conference 2:20

Johns Hopkins University 2:20

Havasu Nutrition 1:35

Events & Conferences

There are so many great videos that can come from an event or conference. We can livestream it to your social media audience, create videos to sell tickets to the next event or recycle the content into bite-size clips to keep the engagement up year round.

Allovue – Education & Finance Summit 2:14

Diversity & Flexibility Alliance 3:54

McDaniel College 6:38


Any time a company is trying to convince a prospect to buy, it’s crucial to increase your “like, know & trust factor.” Testimonials are a great way to show your company has a proven track record of success and boosts sales immensely! 

Heart To Beat, LLC 2:04

Baltimore Chamber of Commerce 2:31

Web Interactive Technologies 1:00


Facebook (and YouTube) LIVE is all the rage these days and if you’re looking to boost your engagement on social media or want to make an event accessible viewers outside your geographic area, livestreaming is the way of the future.

University of Baltimore 1:54:00

FutureCare 31:37

Emerging Technology Center 31:36

Speaker Videos

From coaches to marketers and solo entrepreneurs, public speaking is gaining momentum. But in order to standout from the other roster of speakers, you’ll want to send along a video that shows you giving your 110%. Speaker videos and reels help sell your stage presence.

Marvin Chambers 2:22

Julie Reisler 2:46

David Shar 4:08

Non-Profit Videos

Being in the non-profit world is tough but convincing people to donate is one of the biggest challenges you will have. Videos allow you to break down the barrier between you and those willing to support your cause. They pull at the heartstrings to encourage donation & support.

South Baltimore Learning Center 3:23

BBYO – International Convention 1:00

NW Chamber of Commerce 1:20