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Videos designed to grow your people, profits & purpose. 🎬

Most videographers or video production studios focus on building a “big shiny object” that might look good on your website but never truly returns the investment. We don’t do that here… We believe that video production should focus on the client, their goals and solving real problems.

No flashy tricks. No Gimmicks. Just high-quality marketing videos.


Your website is often the first place people go to learn about your business, products or services. A well-placed promo video can help drive leads and sales.


Take your live and in-person events virtual with engaging content. Your ZOOM calls don't have to be boring or visually lacking anymore.


The fastest way to gain more raving fans and clients is to show authentic social proof. Client reviews on camera convert significantly higher.


From courses to employee training videos, we've filmed it all. We also work closely with many local universities to capture their events and conferences.


What types of videos do we create?

We love producing livestreams, webcasts and virtual events/conferences. It’s what we’re good at. But there’s so much more to a ZMBmedia video.

▶️ Livestream

This is the single most effective way to take in-person/live events virtual and engage a large audience.

With COVID-19, the world of live events and conferences has been forced into the virtual space. It's no longer safe to put "butts in seats" in person. A livestream is the transmission of a live event over the internet. We can stream video to platforms like Facebook, Zoom, YouTube and more!

Our livestreams can be done live or we can pre-record interviews, panel discussions and keynotes to be played back live on a stream.

  • Livestreams are designed to:
  • 🤝Deliver 5-star content virtually
  • ‍📈 Engage with a large audience - 1 stream to thousands of people
  • 💬 Allow for two-way communication in chat windows
  • 🔐 Provide financial security for your organization with virtual sales
  • ⏰ Save tons of time and money - no more expensive hotel fees

We realize that it may be a long time before you can pack 50, 100 or even 500 people into the same room.

By taking your event virtual, we're helping businesses deliver the same top-notch content to their audience from the comfort of their own home.

We leverage platforms like Skype and Zoom to bring in our speakers virtually. They can still interact with viewers and other panelists through our proprietary livestreaming setup.

We can also accommodate a hybrid livestream with an MC or keynote in studio and panelists participating over the internet.

A livestream not only replaces the in-person experience but saves you the cost of coffee breaks, meals, hotel internet fees, A/V expenses and more.

It provides most of the in-person benefits of a live event with a lower cost of doing business. You can even record the event to sell the replay.

In our humble opinion, it's not worth making a video unless it can be seen by as many people as possible.

That's why livestreaming is a fantastic option. You can stream to one platform for thousands of people to watch. If they miss it, everything will be recorded for later.

  • ✓ Virtual ticket sales are still showing strong support
  • ✓ Recordings can be sold as a course or replay
  • ✓ Sales can still be conducted from the "stage"
  • ✓ Livestreams provide a great opportunity to sell sponsorship ad space or air time.
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🏢 Branding

These videos share, “who we are”, “what we do” and most importantly, “why we do it.” This is the ultimate storytelling video.

The first and most important brand video that I mention to clients is what we like to call the "Video Business Card" or "VBC" for short. Think of this of the last video you'll ever want or need. It introduces the business or organization to the prospect, shows off the products/services and clearly states what the viewer should do next to take action.

  • ZMBmedia VBC videos are designed to:
  • 🤝Build trust with potential customers
  • ‍📈 Attract more customers, improve conversions
  • 💬 Explain your product/service thoughtfully
  • 🔐 Establish credibility, value and principles
  • ⏰ Save tons of time pre-qualifying customers

If you want to personally connect and build relationships with your customers online, there’s simply no better way to do that then through video.

Nothing can communicate the value of your product or service in the way a video can.

A video isn’t bound to space and time like you are. You can only attend networking events once in a while… but a video? It never sleeps. It works for you 24/7 and can be viewed by potential customers anywhere, anytime on any device.

It’s your full-time salesperson, converting curious prospects into lifelong customers. 💰

A VBC highlights not just what you do, but also why you do it. It allows people who have never met you to understand what you’re all about.

It connects with them on an emotional level as well as a logical one, and does so all in under two to three minutes.

We believe in making videos that make your life easier whether that means decreasing the amount of time you need to spend acquiring clients or boosting your profits. Here are just some of the topics we share with our clients for the best results:

  • ✓ How to post it online for maximum visibility
  • ✓ How to implement your video into your marketing
  • ✓ How to optimize it for local search engines
  • ✓ How to ensure it's accessible at all points of contact
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💻 Marketing

The best way to keep the attention of your clients and prospects is to put content in front of them consistently where they will see it.

We get this question a lot, "What videos do I need to be making?" The truth is there's only one good answer for this – videos that your prospects and/or clients will actually watch. At the end of the day, if you're not creating content people care about then it's just wasted space on a website or on a YouTube Channel.

  • Here are just a few marketing videos you might like:
  • Weekly how-tos or tutorials
  • ‍Welcome and on-boarding videos for new clients
  • Sales videos to sell a product or service
  • Thank-you and follow up videos to ask for a review/like
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Think of using videos like a toolbox. In a tool box, you typically have a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench and more. When you need to provide a solution with video, you want to dig into the toolbox to pick out the right tool. You wouldn't go looking for a screwdriver if you need to remove a nail from a board. The same thing works for video, we want to help you create solutions that fit the task at hand.

Videos do just that – they are a tool to be used for a certain task. Sometimes the task is to save time, in other cases it's simply to make more money. Whatever the task may be, video can help.

There are tons of ways you can get a video out once it is complete. We'll certainly discuss that with you based on the type of video we create. We'll help show you:

  • ✓ How to post it online for maximum visibility
  • ✓ How to implement it into your onboarding
  • ✓ How to optimize it for local search engines
  • ✓ How to ensure it's accessible at all points of contact
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🌎 Conference

The world of in-person events is constantly evolving. With our livestreaming expertise and conference video team, we can help you produce the best live event yet.

We love filming conferences. We've worked on smaller 50-attendee events all the way up to 5000-attendee week-long conferences. With our trusted network of videographers around the globe (over 5,500 and counting - yes you read that right!) we can also refer videographers to events happening anywhere in the world. Then we can work with you on the backend to create videos from the recordings.

  • You can create videos from conferences to:
  • Sell as a course or repackage later down the road
  • ‍Produce a conference promo video to sell next year's event
  • Create testimonial videos for social proof
  • Recycle content from speakers into YouTube Channel videos
  • And so much more!

We've been livestreaming for quite some time now. We've actually been taking events virtual since before Facebook Live even existed! It's crazy to think how the world of live and virtual events has evolved in just a few short years. We now work with organizations and businesses across the US to take their events virtual. We've even run events from our office in Baltimore, Maryland without any of the speakers ever stepping foot inside the studio.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please don't hesitate to reach out on the contact page!

When filming at a live event, we're lucky to have all of the attendees in one location. This allows us to film testimonial interviews, sessions/speakers, marketing content for future events and more. Here are just a few ways you can profit from having a videographer at your next event:

  • ✓ Produce speaker highlight reels to land more speaking engagements
  • ✓ Film testimonial interviews on-site to promote your credibility
  • ✓ Create highlight videos to relive the excitement and sell tickets for the following year
  • ✓ And much more!
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Need Help Going Virtual?

COVID-19 changed the way the world operates. We know how hard it can be to plan a live and in-person event (we’ve filmed at events with 5,000 attendees!). Let us help you keep your conferences up and running from the comfort of your home.

Learn more

What our clients say

We’re extremely grateful to have worked alongside so many forward-thinking brands. Here’s what a few of them had to say about working with us.

Zephan’s work goes above and beyond. He engaged early and often to ensure he was prepared to meet our needs and expectations. He then exceeded them, quickly turning around a surprisingly professional product. I’d highly recommend his services!
Alena Taylor
Alena Taylor
15:12 23 Jan 21
Every now and again you encounter a company that totally surprises you by going above and beyond and offering you so much more that you expect. ZMB is one of those companies. After my initial consult with Zephan it was clear he really understood my vision and offered some fantastic insights and suggestions. From there we began to work on our first video. What was apparent from the beginning was how easy it was to work with Zephan. He has a fantastic eye and made the recording process a breeze. Finally, post-production was done in record time and I could not be happier with the final video. I am looking forward to my next project and using ZMB for upcoming live productions.
Irvine Nugent, Ph.D.
Irvine Nugent, Ph.D.
16:57 16 Jan 21
What a great experience! We needed to live stream host a virtual conference with 160+ attendees, and Zephan and ZMB Media made it not only painless, but enjoyable. There were zero problems encountered. Connections were fast, and accommodations for workspace and acoustic treatments were made with ease. Zephan was friendly, professional, focused, and a gracious host. I recommend Zephan and ZMB Media without hesitation and look forward to working with them in the future!
Patrick Kirchner
Patrick Kirchner
21:23 09 Nov 20
Fantastic experience working with ZMB Media over a weekend. A lot of different variables and he navigated them all efficiently, calmly and professionally. He's experienced, knowledgeable and a joy to work with.
Lillian Warkentin
Lillian Warkentin
21:13 09 Nov 20
I had a great experience working with Zephan at ZMB Media. He was kind, organized, knowledgeable and efficient. He did an excellent job with the live stream on our event and I would definitely seek to work with him on future projects.
Val Kelly
Val Kelly
21:02 09 Nov 20
We can't say enough good things about ZMB Media. Our company had a daylong virtual event for clients and needed a production company that could handle zoom, multiple guests, a live DJ and in-studio talent. These guys made it look easy. From pre planing to post production on the video, ZMB was a great partner. We'll definitely use their services again.WealthyU
Terry Owens
Terry Owens
00:52 21 Jul 20
ZMB Media allowed us to create an engaging virtual event. They handled all of the technical aspects of streaming and executed flawlessly. We have gotten nothing but rave review from attendees at our event.
Deborah Owens
Deborah Owens
15:31 20 Jul 20
ZMB Media is top-notch in every way - from quality of work to customer service. I’ve had the company do videos as well as live-streaming. The owner, Zephan, is a wiz at what he does. Highly recommend!!
Mark Brodinsky
Mark Brodinsky
21:40 06 Feb 20
Not your average videographer . ZMB media brings near excessive amounts of creativity, ideas and passion to any project it touches. Can’t wait to use them again for our next project!
John V
John V
21:30 06 Feb 20
Zephan has been extremely helpful to me in terms of providing amazing guidance and customer service . The testimonial videos he provides and livestreams are of unbelievable quality and capture the complete feeling of what is being show. I Highly recommend ZMB Media for all video production needs.
Runi Willner
Runi Willner
20:43 06 Feb 20
ZMB media has done many jobs for me and each one is excellent. Zephans quality of work and attention to detail is just a few reasons why he is the best. I would highly recommend Zephan to anyone looking for a videographer!
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen
20:32 06 Feb 20
As a video producer I travel from time to time and need to find skilled video professionals to support the work I'm producing for my clients. I recently came to the Baltimore area for a project and Zephan offered everything I needed and more. His technical know-how, combined with his videography skills, and professional approach were a real asset to the project. Despite not having worked together before in the past everything came together perfectly. Zephan contributed more than just being a hired shooter, he integrated well with our team, and offered ideas that were very valuable.If I'm in the area again I know that I have a tremendous resource in ZMB Media.
Scott Whitney
Scott Whitney
02:17 28 Oct 19
Zephan and ZMB media are amazing!! Zephan truly an artist when it comes to shooting video. Zephan not only shoots great video but more importantly knows how to market the videos.If you are not using video to market your business what the hell are you waiting for!!??Call ZMB Media today!
15:53 06 Aug 19
I hired ZMB Media to film a speaker real / promo video for my business. The entire process of working with ZMB Media was an incredible experience. Zephan is a true visionary and understood exactly how best to tell my story. His equipment is state-of-the-art and his process seamlessly combines the art and science of his craft. I would highly recommend working with ZMB Media!
David Shar
David Shar
15:05 01 May 19
Makes video look easy: Zephan is a terrific videographer. He took a group of nervous professionals and got meaningful, engaging videos out of them that are informative but also captured them as human beings. He worked with us from concept to finished product. He did what he said he would do. Worked quickly and stuck to the schedule. Easy to work with. Highly recommend.
Ginger Bratzel
Ginger Bratzel
19:31 22 Aug 18
Zephan did a phenomenal job with my video speaker reel...I highly recommend him for any of your video related projects! He's a great guy as well.
Julie Reisler
Julie Reisler
19:36 29 Jun 18
Zephan was a breeze to work with and the headshots he did for my website look fantastic. I highly recommend him for any of your media needs!
Thomas Weadock
Thomas Weadock
15:33 03 Apr 18

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