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Meet Zephan Moses Blaxberg

Video Strategist, TEDx Speaker, Podcaster & Best-Selling Author

Meet Zephan

Zephan Moses Blaxberg is a videographer, best-selling author, TEDx speaker and more. Meet the man behind the lens.

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Our Video Process

Learn more about how our video process works so that you can dive right in to working with us.

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It's tough to envision what your video could look like which is why we've hand-selected sample videos to show you!

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We try to be as transparent as possible in our pricing – click below to learn more about how we price our services.

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The Studio

The studio is available for rent regardless of working with us – here's a quick walkthrough tour.

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Our clients are really happy but we want you to be able to see and hear it from them.

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ZMBmedia is a Baltimore, Maryland based video production studio. We provide high-end video strategy and solutions to an ever-changing digital landscape. We leverage multi-faceted marketing to create content that reaches your audience in all formats. From recording livestreams to producing promotional and testimonial videos for your organization, we can handle it all. We’ve built a network of over 1500 videographers around the world so if you have a project that needs to be filmed in London or South Africa, chances are we have some people we can reach out to on your behalf.

I created this videography business based around one simple concept: do great work, complete it on time, and always go above and beyond for the client. I hope you’ll see this theme throughout our time working together and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Camera Bodies

Canon C200 Cinema Camera
Canon EOS-R
Canon XF Series

Editing Platform

Adobe Premiere & Final Cut Pro X


We have access to 3400+ contractors worldwide

Fast Turn-Around

We provide high quality edits in record timing with communication every step of the way.

Beautiful Appearance

Clean and crisp is the name of the game, all of our videos will have that “glossy” look.

Video Strategy

We’ll share with you a game-plan to market your videos long after our work is done.

We Believe That

Video Moves People

Whether it's to generate a sale or to encourage a donation, video is the best medium, and always will be.

Create your dream video today.

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